Our New Rig – The Before

Well we did it!  We bought a used camper this past weekend, a 1996 Winnebago Adventurer.  It’s smaller, yes.  But cute and it comes with lots of potential.  We’re gearing up to be in full renovation mode very soon.

I love DIYs and can’t wait to get started!

We have lots of great ideas swimming around in our heads, but there are several projects we’re set on on tackling quickly so we can be living full-time in the camper soon.

Here is the list of our immediate projects:

  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Cabinets (and update hardware)
  • Build Bunks in Master
  • Make Foam Mattresses for Bunks
  • Replace Carpet with Vinyl Planks
  • Replace Double Jack-Knife Couch

I also have a dream list, after the majors are complete…

  • Resurface the Exterior Paint
  • Backsplash in Kitchen
  • Install Tankless Water Heater
  • Replace Shower with Tub
  • Replace Sinks
  • Tile Counters
  • Update Light Fixtures
  • Curtains
  • Kick Plate for Central Vac System

I could add a few more to my dream.  The love of my life may just lack enthusiasm over my vision for the camper. A girl can dream though.

Here are some pictures of the RV as we bought it. I forgot to take pictures of the outside and will do so soon.

Loads of pictures because I want evidence of how it looked before we transformed it.

96-winnebago-adventurer-front-seat 96-winnebago-adventurer-view-from-master 96-winnebago-adventurer-master-2 96-winnebago-adventurer-master 96-winnebago-adventurer-nightstand 96-winnebago-adventurer-hall-closet 96-winnebago-adventurer-toilet-area 96-winnebago-adventurer-shower-head 96-winnebago-adventurer-shower 96-winnebago-adventurer-overhead-storage 96-winnebago-adventurer-dining-storage 96-winnebago-adventurer-lounge-chair 96-winnebago-adventurer-kitchen

There you have it folks. Did I miss an area we should update?

Camper Tour – Kitchen

This is one area of the camper that I wish was larger.  Who doesn’t want a larger kitchen though right?

I do have to say, as far as camper kitchens go, it’s pretty big!

I admit, after being here for 3 weeks, it’s getting better.

Kitchen View


Here is the side view…

The over cabinet storage is handy.  We have baskets above the microwave for vitamins, snack items, and bread, plus my spice rack is mounted.

Stove/Oven Area

Here is the stove top…pretty standard to RVs.  In the back is a little rack that I put spice overflow.  I use to put sauces but AFTER ONE NEARLY EXPLODED, I moved the sauces to a cabinet. (it get’s hot back there!)

This is obviously the oven.  I store some of my larger pans and stoneware here.  Our oven is pretty nice as far as RV ovens go, (you can adjust it more which I’ll go into later).


Here is where we moved our sauces…love lazy susans for easy access.  We still have organizing to do…but we’re getting there.

Here are the drawers that Mark made the built in organizer for.

Here is the upper corner shelf.  It’s hard to get back there in the corner, so we got another lazy susan.

This is the bottom shelf of the corner cabinet.  We really crammed a lot in there with racks and wire shelves.

This cabinet is a mess and I’m still trying to figure out how to organize it.

I do have 4 more drawers I forgot to take a picture of.  I store my glass snap containers, tin foil, saran wrap, baggies in one.  Pan lids, potatoes, pot holders in another.  Coffee, coffee grinder, aprons, in another.  And hand mixer, kitchen towels and wash rags in the last one.


Upper pantry view…lots going on in here!  On the top shelf, my re-purposed containers with our bulk goods.  Middle has a wire organizer for our cutting boards, collapsable colander, pans.  And the bottom shelf has a collapsable salad spinner, mini loaf pans, & lid organizer.

Lower part of pantry.  I simply love my OXO Storage!

Side Wall

Mark mounted hooks on the wall for my pots and pans.

Under Bench Storage

I had to keep my lefse griddle and I use it for all sorts of meals: pancakes, french toast, quesadillas, and I’ll hopefully be making lefse this winter.  And I love my Salad Master chopper….they’re both big and bulky but I had the space to store them.

So there you have it.  A tour of the kitchen area.

We have a few projects to get the space more organized but I figured if I waited until it was all just right, I’d never get a post up.

If you all have ideas or tips to organize some areas, I welcome them!  I’ve sorta run out of steam with organizing at this point.  Still I’m very happy with where we are in the organization department.