Kitchen Countertops ~ The Options

Previously, we updated our RV countertops with countertop paint.  That didn’t go so well, which I wrote about here.

We’re ready to do some more work on our kitchen countertops.  Today it’s about our options, which are limited to those that will be lightweight and not add too much weight to the RV.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops ~ The Options

Touch Up Paint.

We painted our countertops with Gianni Granite’s Countertop paint.  According to a Giani spokesperson, there is some additional steps needed for high-use counters.  We’re open to this and it’s worth a try.  We’re working out the details and will update soon.

Resurface With Sheet Laminate.

This is the most cost-effective option for resurfacing.  Here is a how-to video that shows the process.

I did some research on whether you could adhere sheet laminate to an existing countertop. Turns out you can, you just need to make sure to sand the surface well and wipe clean.

Replace the Laminate Countertops.

This one is a little more work and requires precise cutting around the cutouts. It is a relatively inexpensive option.

Tile Over Existing Countertops.

While this is a beautiful option, it adds more weight and is more work. Plus you’d have to deal with grout getting dirty.

We are still trying to decide what we will do.  If I missed an option that is suitable for an RV, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. Great ideas, one other option I thought about is Corian. As small as the counters are in the kitchen, misc tables and bathroom it might not be too expensive. I just have not had the courage to get an estimate on our 15 year old RV.

    • Oh yes, Corian! We had Corian countertops in our 5th Wheel and they were so nice! Smaller space = less cost, less weight. 🙂

  2. I worry about those tiles in a camper. It’s not like a house in that it sits still. When you move it things flex and bend and those grout lines are more than likely going to pull apart. Tiles might even pop if the camper and cabinets flex enough during transport.
    Anthony Greer recently posted…Discover The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Counters For Your KitchenMy Profile

  3. Are you able to post what the extra steps are for high traffic counters?

    • I tried to contact Giani for updated instructions…but unfortunately I didn’t hear back from them. I was able to touch up the color and put 3 coats of sealer on it.

  4. So what ended up happening with the countertops? What have you decided?
    (And what is meant by “replace the laminate countertops”? There was no link here so I’m not quite sure what that means?

    Getting ready to move into a 32′ this month and love your blog! So helpful!
    Anna recently posted…Octoberly Memories | AmandaMy Profile

    • We ended up painting over the countertop again and putting on several coats of sealer to make them more durable. It is used only for recreation now so they will not get nearly as much wear and tear as when we were in there fulltime.

      As far as “replace the laminate counter tops,” we thought about just putting a new laminate countertop in there. 🙂

  5. iceponygirl says:

    What happen to the Giani painted counter tops? Did the paint not work out? THANKS!

    • The paint did start to peel. Our solution was to touch up paint and put several more coats of sealer (that came in the kit) on the counters.

  6. iceponygirl says:

    “putting on several coats of sealer to make them more durable”

    Which sealer did you end up using? THANKS!

  7. I used the daich brand of countertop resurfacing, it worked great!! I too thought about replacing them, but it tuned out good for us and cheaper!! Redoing lots of stuff in our camper!

  8. Tina conner says:

    I love your site! What color are your Giani countertops? Thanks!

  9. Could you tell me if the paint on the cabinets are holding up well ? Thank You

  10. Cybil Dunnuck says:

    we made new counter tops in our vintage Shasta by tracing the old counter top onto new particle board. Cutting it out and then covering it with brown paper. We then covered it with 12 coats of marine-grade poly. It is beautiful and looks like leather. In a previous home we did this to the kitchen floors and they help up wonderfully!

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