Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube Playlists

Today I’m excited to share with all of you fellow CCers my Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube playlists.

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube Playlist


First – My Disclaimer

I’ve gone through and watched most of the videos on my playlists, BUT you may find some of them inappropriate for  younger children.  Basically…please use your discretion.  I recommend you view the videos before you show them to your children.

There are some weeks that have only 1 video some have more than 11. Certain subjects are extremely sensitive given how recent they occurred, (September 11th) and I was unable to find appropriate videos.  These playlists are a work in progress and I’ll be updating them throughout the school year.

To avoid copyright issues, I purposely did not put videos in my playlist that actually contained CC memory work.  I look at these videos as supplemental information for my children.  If you have any to add to a particular week, I’d love to hear from you!

For access to the Playlists, please click here or click the image above.

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