Best of the Black Hills

We are heading out in less than 1 week.  As I’ve considered our time here in Rapid City, I naturally think about the things I will miss.  Of course I will miss friends, but if I could recommend my favorite places here in the Black Hills, what would they be?  Below is our list of the best of the Black Hills.

Favorite Restaurant

We love Minerva’s.  Love it!  The last time Mark and went out on a date I had the Champaign Chicken.  Amazing.  My mouth waters even now it was that good.  The food has always been quality and it’s very kid-friendly.  Minerva’s is what I would call upscale family dining. I will miss Minerva’s.

Best Donuts

Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts.  These are the best donuts in town.  We’ve tried at least 4 other places.  Jerry’s wins.  I always get their maple bacon.  Everyone loves bacon right? Don’t knock it until you try it.

Authentic Bagels

So it’s pretty funny that I have a category for bagels, I think this recommendation might be the ONLY bagel place in Rapid City.  But Black Hills Bagels is authentic.  My favorite is the Everything Bagel, (White Chocolate Chip is a close 2nd) but everything I’ve had from there is  yummy!  Perfect bagels.

Local Coffee

I say skip Starbucks and go to Black Hills Blends.  The little coffee huts throughout town serve up delicious cups of joe and as a bonus the company is local.  I think their coffee is better than Starbucks and the LaCrosse location even has Black Hills Bagels available on the menu.  Win win!


Mystique Edge is the place to go for some local pampering.  The services there are superior, but the ambiance at Mystique really makes it a retreat.  I love going there and it is a relaxing enjoyable experience.  I’ve never had a better massage than at Mystique.  The pedicures and haircuts there are also top notch.


Spearfish City Campground & Legion Lake were our absolute favorites.  There is so much great camping in the area, but these particular campgrounds made the favorites.

I realize my list is short.  With 4 kids, it’s not often that we go out to eat and we are living on a budget.  But these are most definitely the cream of the crop and what we enjoyed in Rapid City. For the food recommendations, I specifically avoided mass-marketed chain restaurants.

(Also, I did not receive any compensation or incentive for these recommendations, just so you know.  These are honest recommendations with zero strings attached)

Anyone else familiar with Rapid City that has a local favorite?  I’d love to hear your recommendation of where to go.  We have only a few more days to enjoy the Black Hills and would love to hear what we may have missed out on.


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