Our Christmas in the Camper – According to Ellie

I love Christmas! It is such a happy holiday! I like the fun stuff you do on Christmas.

These are 3 of the reasons why I like christmas.

1. I like giving people gifts.

2. I like getting gifts.

3. I like the decorations.

We made a ginger bread house!


This year we can’t decorate a lot because we don’t have room in the camper. But we do get to put lights on the walls of the camper!

I also really like wrapping gifts!  I got Eva and Eli a present already. I hope they will like them! My mom and dad are ordering our presents.

Our Dog, Pepper (a Shorkie)

*This post is by our daughter, Ellie – 8yo. She is working on her writing and just loves Pepper.*

We have a dog, his name is Pepper.

He is a 9 month old Shorkie, (Shi Tzu / Yorkie).

He plays rough and is naughty sometimes.Continue Reading

Hot Chocolate Mix Without Powdered Milk

My mom is a good cook.  She makes popcorn, chili, cookies, and lots of other foods.

Our friend’s mom is a good cook too.  She makes good chili, it is not spicy.

To all the kids, say thank you to your mom for making food.

My mom says I am a good cook too. This hot chocolate mix is better than store-bought. I made it for gifts for friends.

hot-chocolate-mix-recipe-without-powdered-milkHot Chocolate Mix
3 1/2 c. sugar
2 1/4 c. cocoa
1 T. salt
whole milk for serving

We mixed all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  (This makes a lot)


To make:

Heat one cup of milk (I use the microwave). Add two tablespoons of mix to the heated milk. Stir.


Until next time,

The Camper and Hart Ranch

I  love living in the camper.

The things I like are the bedrooms, the space outside, living close to our friends, and I don’t know what else I like.

We have a TV and my mom does not like it. She says it will rot your brain out.

But one thing I do not like is that the camper is small. I am still getting used to it. At night my baby brother cries but I still like him.

We live at hart ranch. It is cool. It has two parks. My brothers and sister like the parks too.  My favorite part of hart ranch is the parks maybe I like something else but that is all I can think of.


Introducing Ellie’s Corner

Hi, my name is Ellie.

My mom has a blog and she is letting me have a corner of it.  I plan to post recipes, pictures, my favorite books, crafts, and my experience in the camper.


I am almost 8 years old.  I like to read, play with my baby brother, draw, and cook.


I  am excited to write on the blog.